Who We Are

The team of practitioners at Southcote are a forward thinking and dynamic group of professionals, who greatly value the wide range of expertise they are surrounded by through their in-house colleagues.

We make as much use as we can of this expertise, through behind-the-scenes case discussions, as well as inter-referrals for second opinions both in the clinic, and in the rehabilitation and exercise centre.


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Charlotte With

Founder & Clinic Manager


As well as enjoying a general and varied practice, Charlotte’s particular interest lies in the treatment of children and pregnant ladies.

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Jesper Dahl

Founder & Clinical Director

Sports Chiropractor & Rehabilitator

Jesper is currently on leave.


Jesper runs a clinic for athletes of all standards, as well as providing second-opinion consultations for other practitioners. 

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James Gaiger (Jimmy)


Jimmy is currently on leave.

Jimmy enjoys a general practice in which he also treats problems of the knees, ankles, shoulders, elbows and wrists. 

Jimmy has integrated acupuncture into his practice which he uses for a range of muscle and joint conditions.

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James Burgess


James has a passion for sport and exercise in all forms.  

He uses skills acquired through his first degree in Sports Science to help in his practice.

As well as working at Southcote, he is also running a clinic within the CrossFit Gym in Great Stour in Ashford.

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Jen work photo.jpeg
Jennie Cox


Jennie enjoys using a variety of techniques to assess and treat patients, depending on their individual needs. This includes muscle testing, manipulation, sacro-occipital technique, dry needling and home exercises.

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Chester Clough


Chester finds chiropractic an excellent profession to be a part of, he understands and believes that the smallest changes to the musculoskeletal system can make such a huge difference to people’s quality of life. 


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Ruth Beresford


Ruth runs a varied and general practice, seeing all ages from babies to the elderly. 

She uses a variety of techniques to help you achieve your health goals.

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Georgia Young


Georgia combines techniques from chiropractic, sports massage, and rehabilitation to help free patients of their pain and encourage long-term results.

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Soft Tissue Therapy
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Rachel Smith

ScarWork Therapist

Rachel is one of the few certified ScarWork professionals within Kent, offering this in addition to the soft tissue therapy she originally trained in, expanding her experience and expertise in helping clients release trauma.  

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Mike Fossett

Massage Therapist

Mike is experienced in treating acute conditions like muscle strains and tears, as well as dealing with chronic cases of muscle tension and muscle imbalance. 

Mike also has experience of treating a range of sports enthusiasts participating in various sports. 

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Kate Hinkley

Massage Therapist

Kate is currently on leave.


She is qualified in Swedish Massage, Sports & Remedial Massage, and also teaches baby massage.

In 2012 she started working in Professional Motorsport as a Sports Therapist, working for a British Touring Car Team and a GT team. 


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Alison Strang

Massage Therapist

Alison enjoys treating people from all walks of life with different soft tissue injuries through a wide range of techniques and relaxing therapies, whether they be sports related or purely to assist in relieving stress.

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Rowan Chanin

Sports Therapist

Rowan specialises in treating runners and running injuries.

She does hands-on treatments as well as advising on rehabilitation and running technique in the gym  

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Georgina Strickland


Georgina’s expertise in many areas enables her to work with people of all ages from birth to the elderly, hence the name of her own company - Lifespan Reflexology.  She treats a wide variety of problems and has done so as part of the Southcote team since 2010. 

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Emotional Wellbeing
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Graham Landi

Counselling, Hypnotherapy & Coaching 

Graham is happy to work with a wide range of issues including Stress, Depression, Bereavement, Phobia, Behaviour Change, Anxiety, Anger, Sleep Issues, Nerves and Confidence.  It is precisely the individual nature of issues that makes Counselling, Coaching or Hypnotherapy support such valuable interventions.

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April Clarkley

Therapeutic Counsellor

April is currently on maternity leave.


April is a psychotherapeutic counsellor who offers therapy to adults, teenagers and adults. She provides a confidential, non-judgemental and supportive environment in which clients can explore, understand and work through problems and difficult emotions that many struggle with. 

April trained to work with an integrating method, which allows her to draw upon a range of therapeutic approaches and techniques to suit individual needs and personal circumstance.


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Prof pic.jpeg
Laura Szorady

Therapeutic Counsellor

Laura is an integrative therapeutic counsellor with a Psychology background, which means she can work with you to produce a unique approach adapted to suit your individual needs. 


As part of her integrative approach, she offers Psycho-education to help her clients understand the body-mind connection and to explore what is happening in the body, enabling holistic healing. 


She provides a non-judgmental and safe environment for you to explore and make sense of challenging feelings and emotions.


Laura offers therapy to adults, adolescents and children.

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Pam Grey


Pam has been a homeopath for a number of years and is a student mentor at the Southern College of Homoeopathy in Tunbridge Wells.

She uses the Qest4 technology to aid in her diagnosis and management.

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Tara McKearney

Clinical Nutritionist

Tara is currently not seeing new patients.


Since qualifying, Tara has run a clinic in Central London and Ramsgate and also works at a clinic on Harley Street specializing in M.E., Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Fibromyalgia and Multiple Chemical Sensitivities. 

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Patricia Ruzbarska

Clinical Nutritionist

After completing 3 years studies of nutrition, I have understood why food and lifestyle are so important.

By implementing practices, I would like to share with you; I have seen and felt the improvement and benefits of it and I would never go back to my ‘’old ways’’. 

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Wendy new photo.jpeg
Wendy Calver

Registered Nurse and

Certified Clinical Thermographer

Wendy visits Southcote on a regular basis to perform thermography scans.  

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Personal Training
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Rob Goldup

Sports Therapist & Trainer

Rob likes to create a road map for his clients to follow, one that demonstrates the different phases of physical progression and development. The road map is based on the individual's wants and needs, and may include different inputs from a number of professionals.  

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Emma Goodman

Personal Trainer &

Lifestyle Coach

Emma specialises in women's health including Pregnancy, Post-Natal, Menopause, and Pelvic Floor. She also regularly helps people who want to strengthen their core to improve their posture and back strength.

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Louise Massett.jpg
Louise Massett

Personal Trainer

Just like millions of other mums, Louise used to feel bad about having time away from my kids. But when she spends time on herself, she says she's able to be an even better mum, because she has so much more energy to juggle the daily demands.

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Penny Lazell

Personal Trainer

Penny's journey into the fitness world developed as she was nearing her fiftieth birthday and wanted to be the fittest and healthiest she could be as she took on the next half century.

This has helped her understand the importance and benefits of staying well and healthy throughout life.

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Sara Ottley

Personal Trainer 

Sara says: I’m very proud to say that I have been able to help hundreds of people reach their fitness goals as well as build an amazing team of trainers and bring a community of like-minded people together.

I’m excited to help hundreds of members achieve the sustainable wellbeing they are searching for.


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Joe Schiltges

Personal Movement Trainer 

Mobility training can alleviate everyday aches and pains as well as improve your body awareness. 

By working on your dysfunctional movement patterns, Joe will help you to move safely and effectively, resolve restrictions and reclaim your mobility; a path out of your discomfort. 

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Lucy Bird

Pre- and Postnatal 

Personal Trainer

Lucy specialises in pre & postnatal fitness and is passionate about helping mums & mum-to-be feel amazing. She focuses on improving fitness, body confidence, strengthening & recovery.

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