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Georgina Strickland


Georgina Strickland Author Shot.jpeg

Foot and Facial Reflexologist & Teacher

Tuesdays 11am - 3pm

Wednesdays 10am - 7pm

Georgina’s expertise in many areas enables her to work with people of all ages from birth to the elderly, hence the name of her own company - Lifespan Reflexology.  She treats a wide variety of problems and has done so as part of the Southcote team since 2010. 


She continues her professional development and enjoys learning new techniques to improve her practice and further help her clients. She also teaches other therapists how to support clients through perimenopause with facial reflexology.

Georgina began studying facial reflexology in 2009 and is trained in Facial Reflexology Sorensensistem, the Bergman Method, Dien Chan Zone (The Italian Method), Facial Acupressure and Mian Dui making her one of the most educated and experienced Facial Reflexologist in the UK.  Like foot reflexology, this therapy aims to bring balance to the body through the circulatory and nervous systems and through the body’s energy channels with acupressure and varied reflexology massage techniques on the face, with added beauty benefits.  Conditions that respond particularly well to facial reflexology include menopausal symptoms, headaches, vertigo/dizziness, anxiety, stress and sinus issues.  Her passion for this therapy has led Georgina into teaching and she is now an approved provider of CPD training for the Association of Reflexologists with a course teaching others how to support women during perimenopause and beyond with facial reflexology and self care workshops.


Georgina has also trained in Japanese Cosmo Facelift and Zone Face Lift which are holistic, anti-ageing facial treatments specifically aimed to help improve skin tone, texture and appearance.  Due to her extensive knowledge in this area, Georgina creates unique treatments combining all the most effective techniques that not only lift the face but also relieve stress and improve wellbeing, from the inside out.  Each natural facelift treatment also includes facial reflexology for health, and bespoke treatments can be tailored to your needs.


Her passion for sharing reflexology techniques and giving “homework” has led her to  develop and teach multiple workshops including baby and toddler reflex workshops for parents, foot reflexology for pregnancy and childbirth and those trying to conceive.   Georgina developed her popular DIY Facelift and Facial Reflexology for wellbeing and happy hormones workshops which teaches participants some simple techniques to lift the face and give a healthy glow, relieve stress, balance hormones, aid sleep and improve wellbeing.  These sessions are great fun and everyone leaves feeling relaxed and looking refreshed.  Ask at reception for details of the next course.


Georgina truly loves her work and is constantly amazed at the positive results achieved through Reflexology treatments. She is mum to Elliott and Edie, whose feet and faces she loves treating the most!

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