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Sporting Injuries & Optimisation

We want you to return to your sport without pain, and stronger and better able to excel than before you became injured.

With multiple post-graduate qualifications between us and years of experience of working at the highest levels of several sports, we provide a comprehensive service to almost any type of athlete or weekend warrior who wants to get better. 

For injury management, this includes hands-on therapies but also rehabilitation specific to the needs of your sport.

For athletic development, we are proficient in the assessment protocols used by both championship athletes and world-leading teams.

We offer consultations for anybody who limps, runs with a brace, have shoes they ought to change or otherwise has any pain from their sporting activity be it a persistent stitch to knee or low back pain.  

However, we are also able to help you progress within your sport beyond the inexplicable plateau many reach and help you get the best returns from your training efforts.

The service includes:

  • Sports Chiropractic

  • Sports Massage

  • Sports Therapy

  • Athletic Movement Analysis

  • Running Analysis

  • Insole / Orthotic Prescription

  • Shoe and Equipment Recommendation 

  • Taping and Strapping Expertise

  • Sports Specific Training

Fees range from £49 - £90, dependent on need.

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