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Optimal Health

Health is not just the absence of pain or disease. It is the optimal manifestation of all your body’s systems including the mind that controls it.

The mission statement for Southcote Proactive Healthcare reads:

We aim,
      through training, teamwork and professional excellence
      - to provide individualised care

...because your health is our concern

In such a statement we consider health to be as far-reaching as any dictionary definition will allow it. Between our many practitioners with their varied training and experience is a body of expertise we believe can go a long way to achieve such a goal.


Interestingly, an individual's lack of belief in the possibility of achieving this often gets in the way. Allowing yourself to believe that you can achieve optimal health and that you are allowed to think in such terms may be a significant step which needs to be taken first. This may often be achieved through help from a Counsellor or Hypnotherapist.

Energise Fitness' Small Group Training programme is a coordinated approach to wellbeing which follows a structured step-by-step system called Recalibrate Wellbeing. Let us help you focus on progress - not perfection - in 12 weeks, with more training  to follow should you wish. This is then combined with physical activity that suits your abilities and preferences.


Learn more about this here: 


We firmly believe in the benefit of regular check-ups from the practitioners, who were able to help you in the past. Pain or dysfunction do not need to be obvious for us to detect it and before it becomes significant it is so much easier to correct and much less likely to have affected other systems or structures around it. 


An old - but now well established - dictum is that there are only three T’s that can hurt you.

These are Trauma, Toxins and Thoughts.

We have well-qualified practitioners in fields who are able to assess, diagnose and treat within all three areas of potential stress to your body.  A consistent and regular effort on your part - and with guidance and occasional intervention from us - will allow you to make steady and predictable progress towards a healthier, steadier and happier life.

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