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Wellbeing Consultation

An in-depth assessment that gives you all the tools to get on the path to better wellbeing.

We know that it can be difficult to decide where to start when it comes to your health. Maybe you know your goals, maybe you don't, maybe you just know you want to start being able to move better.

We take all the stress out of the process with our Wellbeing Consultation.

We make it our job to figure out exactly what your current wellbeing is, and where you would benefit from starting. Our coaches are able to give you Lifestyle, Movement and Mindset advice, as well as advising on specific classes or treatments. After one 45-minute assessment - you'll walk away with the all the knowledge and tools you need to take your next steps.

10S Wellbeing Age Assessment

An in-depth and detailed health assessment. It asks questions about every area of your health, each one starting with the letter S - Strength, Stream, Structure, Spark, Smoking, Sitting, Stimulants, Stress, Sleep, Social - and uses these to determine your body's body's 'Wellbeing Age'. You maybe be 45 with the Wellbeing Age of a 57 year-old. This system provides an easy and reliable way to track your progress moving forward; you'll have the satisfaction of watching your  Wellbeing Age drop before your eyes.

Movement Analysis

We test your body's range of movement, strength and flexibility, to see where you're at currently and what you need to work on.


You share your goals, your difficulties, your time restraints, and anything else you believe may affect your journey to better wellbeing. Charlotte and Louise will give their personalised recommendations and you then discuss your options.




WC Fees
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