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Young Dinh


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Clinical Aromatherapist

Mondays 10am-2pm

Wednesday 10am-2pm

Young is a fully qualified Clinical Aromatherapist, fully accredited by the International Federation of Professional Aromatherapists (IFPA).  


She gained her Diploma in Aromatherapy and Essential Oil Science at the prestigious Neal’s Yard Remedies School of Natural Health in Covent Garden, London.  

Free initial consultation offered.

Please see full details of services here:

Originally from Vietnam, I started representing Neal's Yard Remedies as a consultant, in 2017, and as a result of this I gained the opportunity to learn about high-quality and certified organic products and the methods to improve my clients' well-being and beauty. Since then, I was determined to become an Aromatherapist, as I had a passion for essential oil science,  which helped me to achieve a holistic approach to all methods of care and treatment for our clients. 


At 40+, I'm experiencing some gynaecological pathologies, such as dysmenorrhoea and pre-menstrual syndrome. Since last year till now, I'm experiencing pre-menopause with some common symptoms such as anxiety and depression, PMS, sleeping problems, palpitation, and night sweat, but I felt extremely fortunate that my knowledge of the use of essential oils has helped me get through this period of time and I want to help other women who are feeling difficulties in this period of time in their life. 


After being diagnosed with bone degeneration, by my local hospital, which induced pain and affected my daily life  - my GP simply advised that nothing could be done to help. Once again, I turned to essential oils and was able to manage my pain, without the help of any painkillers and the risks of side effects. I was also able not only to manage my pain but also uplift and support my exhausted emotions, with an uplifting oil combination, with refreshing and tonic properties that Frankincense, Lavender, Lemon, and Bay Laurel provide.


It is truly amazing what incredible gifts from the Earth that essential oils can give you when we so easily turn to man-made treatment.

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