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Reiki is translated from Japanese as Universal (Rei) Energy (Ki) – it is considered to be a gentle non-intrusive form of therapy and is thought to be suitable for many.

Reiki is a gentle, non-intrusive form of therapy that uses REI (the formless energy where life itself is born) and KI (the force that provides the energy for living organisms to exist to thrive). Your reiki practitioner is trained to channel your body's energy to encourage it to heal from it own traumas and stresses.


The energy is transferred within the aura around the client (2-4 inches from the body) and can be done with or without direct touch to the client. In some cases your practitioner may advise a hands-on approach. The treatment is known to cause sensations in which the energy fields are cleansed and unblocked. There are no known secondary effectsto this treatment.


Gus Ibarra and Jasmin Mulvey practice different types of Reiki. Please express your interest to reception and Gus and Jasmin would be happy to give you a call to discuss.

Clients may come for a reiki treatment for many reasons – physical, mental, emotional and sometimes spiritual. But Shoden – hands-on treatments are particularly focused towards supporting physical well-being through treating areas of the body where toxins may have built up.


During a session a client lays down in comfortable clothing on the treatment couch; a sheet or blanket can be provided for optimal comfort and relaxation. When treating the head area, a client’s eyes are gently covered with a clean lightweight natural cloth, this is thought both to promote deeper relaxation and to be optimal for hygiene too.

Jikiden Reiki with Jasmin Mulvey

Jikiden Reiki is a simple, hands-on therapy which originated in Japan.


Reiki is understood to stimulate the body’s natural healing systems and promote healing on all levels. Jikiden Reiki retains the original Reiki teachings and techniques from Japan, maintaining its grounding, simplicity, and depth.

Reiki may leave a recipient feeling a sense of wellbeing, relaxation, and inner calm. Reiki may be used in a variety of situations to support a person both with physical and emotional wellbeing. Considered to be a gentle non-intrusive form of therapy, Reiki is thought to be suitable for many.

Shoden treatments are focused on physical wellbeing and are hands-on, but Jasmin can adapt to hands-off if needed. In a hands-on treatment the top half of a client’s face will usually be covered with a traditional Japanese soft cotton cloth called a Tenugui towel, which promotes deeper relaxation and helps maintain optimal hygiene when placing hands near the eye area. 

Okuden treatments are hands-off and are focused more on emotional wellness. The treatments may be given on their own to a client in a seated position or as part of a Shoden treatment session on the couch.

Jasmin may also be able to offer ‘Enkaku’ distance follow-up treatments for her existing clients who cannot easily get to the clinic for a treatment.

  • Initial Session (75 mins): £40 - includes a free 15-minute consultation

  • Follow-up sessions (60 mins): £40

Please contact or call 01622 661883 for bookings and enquiries. Jasmin will be happy to call you back.

Jasmin Mulvey


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