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Gus Ibarra

Dip Hyp CS, Dip PC


Hypnotherapist, Psychotherapist, and Reiki Master

Mondays 10am - 8pm

Thursdays 10am - 8pm

You can book an appointment through Southcote reception, or directly through Gus' website:


All through life I have had the call to help and assist other people in any way possible.  My biggest challenge came around 19 years ago when I was diagnosed with a critical illness; completely changing my life in more ways than one, and all for the better.

My awareness of my spirituality started to become more acute, my awareness and the acceptance of life completely changed.  You would have thought being told my physical body was experiencing a blip would send me in a downward spiral.  However, life had different ideas, and from that moment I have come across the most amazing people and circumstances that led me to study the disciplines I have.

When I came across Reiki it was just the light bulb moment.

REI = Universal consciousness - KI = Life force or life energy.

REI is the formless energy where life itself is born, one that is present in everything that exists; a leaf, a rock, a tree, a wave, a drop of water, the wind, the sun - it is the spirit.

KI is the force that provides the energy for living organisms to exist to thrive. It is the energy that is present within every living organism. Eastern cultures know it by many names: The Chinese call it Chi, whereas in the Indian subcontinent it is known as Prana

Reiki - spiritual life force

The reiki treatment can be done with or without direct touch to the client, over clothes.

The energy is transferred within the aura around the client (2-4 inches from the body), through the hands of the practitioner. The whole reiki experience is a pleasant and relaxing one and potentially life-changing for many.


The treatment is known to cause sensations in which the energy fields are cleansed and unblocked, causing the client to feel waves - both cold and warm - rushing over the body.   These feelings can last for days after the treatment and allow the client to feel re-energised.   The energy is intelligent - flowing to where it is most needed and acting accordingly. There are no known secondary effects or contraindications to this treatment.


I look forward to having the privilege to introduce you to this treatment, allowing you experience its many benefits.

Optimal Health
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