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Jasmin Mulvey

BSc (hons) Herbal Medicine, MNIMH, JRUKA Practitioner


Medical Herbalist, Jikiden Reiki Practitioner and Complementary Therapist

Tuesdays 2pm - 7pm

Fridays 10:30am - 7pm

Jasmin offers Jikiden Reiki treatments to help promote relaxation and support clients' wellbeing on both the physical and emotional levels. Reiki is a natural non-invasive hands-on treatment method that originated in Japan.

Jasmin also offers Western Herbal Medicine Consultations and Treatments which involve an in-depth consultation process that explores a patient's current health and well-being concerns, considering all their body systems, past medical history, dietary, lifestyle, family, and social factors in their case history. 

Additionally, she offers specific Women's Wellbeing Herbal Consultations which include an in-depth consultation designed for exploring the journey of her female clients throughout the stages of womanhood. This enables Jasmin to work with a woman during different times of their life from their first period (menarche), throughout their menstrual journey, through menopause and beyond into their wisdom years. In supporting women’s wellbeing Jasmin may also suggest various therapies she has trained in as part of a treatment plan, but she can discuss this with individual clients in consultation.

Outside of her clinical and therapeutic practice Jasmin is a published author and guest lecturer with an MA in Novel Writing; she is currently undertaking a PhD in Creative Writing and believes in the empowering nature of storytelling.

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