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Women's Health

We cater for all the changes and challenges that women might experience; from puberty through to Menopause.

We have established an enviable team of professionals who specialise in women and new families. The team works closely together referring and conferring between each other, to ensure you can have the best possible experience through your journey as a woman; as a mum-to-be, new mum, and throughout menopause.

Who is on the team?

  • Reflexologist, Georgina Strickland - who provides treatments to ease symptoms of Menopause.​ 

  • Personal Coach Louise Massett oversees Meno-Peri-Pausal, our free regular coffee morning for women in Menopause.

  • Rachel Leeder is an Osteopath, with a special interest in helping women feel their best. She wrote her Masters dissertation on manual therapy and its ability to help with symptoms of Menopause. 

  • Jennie Cox enjoys working with women to embrace and enhance any stage of their life. She prides herself in taking a holistic approach and believes that each individual patient should be given a personalised management program. It’s all about finding what works for each person, whether that’s spinal manipulation, mobilisation, massage, dry needling, more emphasis on an exercise program or lifestyle advice.

  • Jasmin Mulvey offers specific Women's Wellbeing Herbal Consultations which include an in-depth consultation designed for exploring the journey of her female clients throughout the stages of womanhood. This enables Jasmin to work with a woman during different times of their life from their first period (menarche), throughout their menstrual journey, through menopause and beyond into their wisdom years. 





Western Herbal Medicine

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Menopause Coffee Morning
During half term, see Energise Fitness for details.


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Natal Fees
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