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Western Herbal Medicine

Medical Herbalism uses plant-based medicines, natural preparations and supplements to support and promote optimal individual health and wellbeing. 

Western Herbal Medicine takes into consideration a whole person, not just the current symptoms of a singular issue. A patient may seek out the support of a Medical Herbalist for many reasons from the physical through to mental and emotional, for shorter-term and longer-term issues. Herbs may assist in the complementary treatment of pre-existing conditions alongside a patient's doctors’ and/or therapists’ care. Herbal medicine is considered suitable for a variety of ages too.

At an initial in-depth herbal consultation Jasmin will go through several questions about your current presenting issues, your past medical history and body systems, family history, your usual diet and water/liquid intake, whether you drink alcohol, smoke, or vape, if you have an exercise routine and how your sleep is. For women seeing Jasmin for issues such as difficulties with their menstrual cycle or menopausal symptoms, she will also go through a further set of questions.

What if you take other medications? Medical Herbalists are trained to understand how the medicines prescribed by your doctors may interact with prescribed herbal medicines. Jasmin might also suggest you talk your GP when she feels it is necessary; she may also suggest other forms of treatment or  therapy if she thinks it may benefit you.

If you are interested in booking an Herbal appointment with Jasmin or would like to arrange a call-back, please phone Southcote reception on 01622 661883 or email Jasmin is happy to have a free 15-minute phone call with you to answer any questions you may have about whether herbal medicine may be suitable for you at this time.

Initial Herbal Consultations:

Initial Consultations: £70

For a general initial consultation, the first appointment is usually 60-75 minutes, it is an in-depth consultation and gives an opportunity for Jasmin to ask you important questions about your health and wellness and with your permission to carry out non-invasive physical examinations.

For an initial consultation with focus on Women’s Wellbeing, the first appointment is 90 minutes, it comprises the same in-depth consultation process as a general initial herbal appointment but also includes additional questions that go further into detail about your journey of womanhood. 

Follow-up Consultations:

Fees from £30 - £40 

Follow-ups are usually 30 to 45-minutes, they vary in number depending on a patient’s individual progress. Appointments may for example start as two or four weeks apart and then go to two or three months apart for longer term maintenance. For some short-term issues, a patient may only need a few appointments. Existing patients can when appropriate book a shorter 15-minute follow-up (either in-person or on the phone) for new acute issues such as coughs and colds etc.

Herbal Medicine Fees (2024): 

  • Liquid Herbal Medicines per 105ml: £15 

  • Herbal Dropper/Spray Bottle per 30ml: £4.50

  • Dried/Powdered Herbs per 100g: £13

  • Capsules (per 30): £13

  • Creams per 30g: £11

  • Pessaries/Suppositories per week: £9

  • Supplements as per retail pricing 

  • Juices as per retail pricing​


On average a dry herbal prescription costs £13 to £26 per month, while a tincture may cost around £30 to £90 per month depending on dosage. Jasmin will prescribe types of preparation based on an individual patient’s situation, this may include a combination of dry and liquid herbs as well as supplements and lotions etc when needed.

Jasmin Mulvey


60-75 mins


Follow up

30-45 mins


Counselling Fees
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