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As only a Mother Knows

I was sitting up quite a bit too late last night watching the Oscar ceremony from Los Angeles. On the red carpet, Greta Gerwig, nominated for best producer for the film Lady Bird, was interviewed about her chosen subject matter. I am yet to see the film but, apparently, it is about the complex relationship between a daughter and her mother, and Greta responded that she wants to tell stories based on questions with very long answers; such as the answer you could expect when asking any daughter about the relationship with her mother. I think mothers are the key to most families regardless of the gender of the children in it and this month we have an opportunity to celebrate that fact. I also think almost all of us would have a long answer to the same question, but only rarely would it contain more than a few critical reflections. Mothers naturally solve those tricky and scary situations which threaten to swallow us up in ways and for reasons we don't understand. Find a box of chocolates, a bouquet of flowers, or something even more fitting to let her know you know and appreciate it. If you haven't got a mother of your own, there is bound to be a mother-figure in your circle that needs to be recognised.

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