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The Most Snuffle-Full Time of the Year

Spring can be such a beautiful time of year with the weather improving, so many trees blossoming and flowers coming up. Yet, it may also be the start of a yearlong cycle for Hay fever sufferers and a time of exacerbated symptoms for those with Allergic rhinitis.

Hay fever or ‘seasonal’ allergic rhinitis and year-round or ‘perennial’ Allergic rhinitis can affect a variety of people. Whether it’s periodically triggered by pollens during the year or year-round caused by a variety of allergens, it’s not a very enjoyable experience.

Allergic rhinitis symptoms may be uncomfortable and unpleasant, from an itchy throat and/or ears, watery, red, and irritated eyes, sneezy, blocked and/or runny nose, coughing, and more – these symptoms can be quite disruptive to daily life.

As a medical herbalist, Hay fever and Allergic rhinitis, are conditions I regularly treat. Herbal consultations take the entire person into consideration and while there are a variety of herbs that may help with managing the symptoms of Allergic rhinitis, an in-depth herbal consultation also considers a patient as an entire being and explores various influential factors that may impact a patient’s experience of allergies.

Allergic rhinitis doesn’t just affect us during the day, it may impact our nighttime too, with sleep disturbances and a lack of rest. So here at Southcote, we have a range of options to provide additional support for Allergic rhinitis and Hay fever sufferers too, including Reiki for improving relaxation and Craniosacral Therapy to support the nervous system.

To book appointments and for more information, please call reception on 01622 661883.

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