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Optimise Your Health

We have a consistent, steady input from the media about what to do and not to do to increase our chances of a long, healthy life, and lessen the risk of dying or living an unwell life.

The media also reminds us that obesity and diabetes are real health issues.

Everyone seem to have an answer….and yet we are not very well!

Hindsight is a wonderful thing and the data we work with is based on what has happened in the past and therefore how we can approach the future in a safer way. There is a general consensus that healthy living gives better odds…but what is healthy living?

People will disagree on the use of certain medications, and yet we know how science has moved us forward in the last 100 years. These discoveries allow people to live for longer, considering we are now very unlikely to die from a throat infection.

Could you minimise the use of drugs by making yourself stronger?…and also make yourself stronger for taking these drugs when you need them!

How do you optimise your health? Could you make yourself well for life?

I would recommend you read Four Pillars of Health. I would encourage you to take action and make a couple of small changes; week by week you will get there. Many books have been written on these subjects and most of them really inspiring. As I mentioned last week..."when the student is ready, the teacher appears". Are you ready to make the little changes in your life that can make you fit for life?

Very few people are lucky to just be well!

They may have been fortunate to have got it right to begin with or they are working on it all the time to maintain their wellbeing.

We all have a different starting point - we are all individuals - and our resilience is only as good as how we approach it. I am intrigued about the human ability to adapt to different environments, I am also convinced that certain pillars of health need to be in place for us to adapt safely.

I am passionate about sharing the simple things in life that do not cost money. We can all change habits, when we are ready!

If you need a helping hand, a little nudge and some support, I am here for you…and so is all of Southcote and Energise. Start now, you can do it!

Get ready to live your best life.


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