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Meditation for Relaxation

We’ve come to the end of Stress awareness month, and I thought I would write a little about meditation, which is just one potential useful tool in among many relaxation practices. 

As a therapy facilitator I work with a variety of forms of meditation from Guided Visualisation and Journeying to Creative Mindful Meditation and Movement, and I am often asked what meditation is. Meditation can be many things to many people – the important ingredient being that it is rooting, grounding, and relaxing for the individual practicing it.

Meditation can be as simple as stillness, silence, and a little bit of peace and quiet with a cuppa. It is something that brings a sense of blissfulness and enhances relaxation, promotes inner reflection and outer contemplation, and despite rumours, doesn’t have to take hours.

While the practice of meditation may take years to ‘master’ the art of meditation is often found in a simple momentary recognition of something beautiful and profound – the opening of a vibrant flower bud, the scent of your favourite perfume, the taste of a delicious cup of whatever you prefer to drink, the light of the sun as it dapples through the trees. All these simple moments are meditations in themselves.

Guided Visualisation and Journeying combine the art of storytelling with breath and restful conscious awareness – this is a type of meditation that those who enjoy relaxation, being and stillness may prefer. Creative Mindful Meditation on the other hand incorporates elements of contemplation with movement, sound, and action – this may be more suited for those who prefer to be actively doing something, for those who may struggle with sitting still for a long time, quietening the mind, or visualising within, this process can offer an alternative route to re-rooting in mindfulness in practical ways.

Whether you contemplate having a meditation session with a facilitator or choose to find a form of meditation that works for you at home, it is something worth considering. Meditation has long been considered an important practice and now studies are looking at how meditation can even benefit those with inflammatory conditions and reduce inflammation in the body.

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