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Making Space

I have learnt over the years that mnemonics work well for me. My brain pays attention in a certain way when I play with words, incl. quotes!

It also helps me decipher difficult dilemmas.

Maybe that is how I am making space to take on new tasks, goals, and habits. I am focusing. There is a lot of 'noise’ around us; we have to constantly filter the important stuff from the less important. There is an overwhelm of information available, people who are not bringing the best out in us, we are caught up in commitments that no longer make sense and activities we would rather not do!

Not to mention that having an ‘easy’ distraction can be attractive in comparison to picking up the actual task you need to do...most likely because the head space is not there.

We have to practice ‘making space’ by creating new habits.

We can approach this in different ways one of which is my suggestion which follows.

The lighter you are, the higher you will fly...

(just like the hummingbird!)

For 15 minutes a day for 15 days...

Make this your morning routine:

M indset - Get ready! - Get your pen and paper, and start making some notes...

A ct - Do it! - Before you start, take 5 deep breaths.

K ind - Be kind! - Say "I can do this!"

I - It is all about you! - Say "I love me!"

N o - Learn to say NO! - Remind yourself that time alone has the same value as time with others.

G oal - Goal setting - Now, write down one goal for today.

Make this your new approach:

S elect - Be selective of who gets your time, effort and energy.

P eople - Prioritise people who you love being with, and who give you energy.

A ctivities - Choose pursuits that you love and make you happy.

C ommitments - Commit to events that make sense and you look forward to.

E very day - Choose 30 minutes for you every day; read before bed, listen to music, or have a bath.

Why is this important?

I have just attended a talk in Aarhus on Svend Brinkmann's new book ‘Tænk’ (think), a Danish book that discusses a word the author has invented: ‘tankefuldhed' (taking time to think). It suggests that there are times you should think more slowly, in a world that encourages us to think fast. You can do this while walking, running, listening to music, or whatever works for you.

The purpose is to encourage your mind to reduce reactivity and choose creativity. The feeling of space and calm soon appears. The approach I suggested above could be your path to finding that space.

'Think' is not yet available in English - but you can read one of his translated books 'The Joy of Missing Out' here.

Marie Kondo is known for her belief that decluttering can transform your life. This is another great approach for making space. Not only does it physically give you space, it also introduces you to a mindset where simplicity brings clarity and clarity brings a sense of calm and opportunity.

Marie’s approach has worked for many people; her books are available here. She also has a series on Netflix.

We deserve to live our best life and part of that should be prioritising smiles, happy thoughts and great ideas. Creating space to ‘play’, to evolve, to grow and to live.

Look out for my blog on PLAY next week.


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