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A week at Maidstone Borough Council

We were honoured to be asked to provide a variety of treatments for the employees of Maidstone Borough Council. There are many people with many responsibilities throughout our community, all of whom could benefit from guidance and treatment to ease their daily tasks. Read further to hear what our practitioners took from the experience...

Jennie Cox offered Spinal Checks

"It was a lovely afternoon getting to know some of the staff at Maidstone Council Wellbeing Week. I got to know each individual’s aches, pains and previous injuries, did spinal and functional core assessments and guided each of them on a few simple home exercises as management and preventative measures for future. From manual workers helping clear up fly tipping, to office workers, pelvic girdle pain since pregnancies, to knee and ankle sprains, it was a varied and interesting day! I hope it’s provided them with a bit of knowledge and inspiration as to how to look after their bodies proactively going forward."

Gus Ibarra offered Reiki

"I had the pleasure of offering Reiki to a number of people at Maidstone Borough Council offices on Monday last week. From the moment I arrived I was made to feel very welcome by the lovely Mia. She showed me to the room and then we were joined by Harriet who popped in to say hi and welcome me too. I had an amazing afternoon, each and every one of the individuals who received Reiki gave some very positive feedback, everybody managed to relax and I was feeling the energy flowing very nicely. I hope you all got something nice out of it, I am very grateful to each of them for the opportunity to experience Reiki with me and i am delighted they all enjoyed it."

Alex Nicholson offered Reflexology

"I was privileged to have 2 afternoons with the MBC staff, the first was the beautiful museum. I felt honoured to be in such a building whilst it was closed, and the 2nd was Maidstone House, what a splendid view they are blessed with. Everyone was so incredibly friendly and welcoming, it was lovely to meet some of the staff there, it was a real pleasure learning about them and helping bring some balance and calm into their busy lives."

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