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A new method of facial reflexology…putting your health in your hands

Ever since I first studied facial reflexology in 2011, I have loved working on the face and witnessing the often powerful, positive results it can achieve. The first system I trained in was Sorensensistem and at the time it was the only method available to learn. In 2016 I trained in The Bergman Method of Facial Reflexology, developed by reflexologist Ziggie Bergman. The methods are very different in technique although they aim to achieve the same thing…homeostasis…just like foot reflexology.

In 2017 I became aware of a new system called Dien Chan Zone which has previously only been taught in Italy. Dien Chan Zone has been developed over the past 20 years by two Italians, Beatrice Moricoli and Vittorio Bergagnini, who brought the facial maps and techniques to Europe from Vietnam and is now taught in the UK and worldwide by Helen Black of Mirror Medicine. There is a lot of crossover with Sorensensistem, as both share various facial maps, but again the techniques are very different. And the power behind Dien Chan Zone is that it puts the healing back into the hands of the recipient.

The more I practice Dien Chan Zone, on myself, on others and see the results of clients working on themselves, the more I am in awe. And I also feel a bit stupid. Let me explain why…one of the principles of reflexology, is that the more you receive, the quicker the messages will get to the relevant parts of the body and the quicker homeostasis will be gained and the body can heal itself. As Helen Black, so succinctly puts it:

“Facial reflexology offers you the opportunity, through daily facial stimulation, to encourage the ‘correct’ circulation of blood, lymph, oxygen, minerals and energy to your interior organs. Stimulation of precise areas, according to maps projected onto the face, sends a signal to the brain which works with the peripheral nervous system to increase circulation at the chosen area in the body.”

Dien Chan Zone encourages receivers to work on the facial map most relevant to their main symptom for 21 consecutive days. During this time, with the reflexes being stimulated daily, balance and a reduction in symptoms should come about much quicker but it varies between individuals. And I feel foolish for not latching onto this concept before. Although I often give clients homework to do on themselves to complement our sessions, working on your own feet can be physically tricky and not very relaxing and working on your own hands can be very effective but the reflexes are more compact and complicated. I also give people facial reflexes to work on but never full maps or projections, as I thought it would be too complicated. The facial maps used in Dien Chan Zone are so simple and easily accessible to everyone, it seems obvious that this is what we should ALL be doing! From the off I was intrigued to see if this would work and so started a little experiment with a small group of women who belong to my secret facial reflexology group (you get added to this fab group after you attend one of my workshops). Helen Black did a great blog on the female reproductive system and this seemed the best map to start with. Helen’s blog can be found here:

So we all worked this map for 21 days straight:

The gobsmacking results experienced within the group were very positive within a short space of time. I was diagnosed with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome in 2002 and although it caused a few problems years ago when starting a family, thanks to reflexology, it didn’t stop me having my two beautiful children. However, since having my little angels I have suffered with hormonal skin, premenstrual headaches and irregular periods. Well… 10 days into the 21 day self treatment and my period arrived without being proceeded by a massive, painful spot on my chin or a brain aching untouchable headache. And I wasn’t the only one. Others reported no headaches, no PMT, clear skin, better mood and one lovely lady sent me this “First period in 35 YEARS without back pain, migraine or crazy cravings. Only two stomach cramps that passed in a few seconds. I cannot thank you enough as it used to make my life a misery. Less heavy too so I’m super happy. And no big pimple on chin!”. Now if that isn’t progress and healing in motion I don’t know what is. And too many of us were involved for this to have been a coincidence. After the 21 days it’s important to take a break for 7 days to allow the body to reset and rebalance. If you feel it’s necessary, repeat another 21 days but if you feel good, then wait a while and see what happens. Again to quote Helen:

"The time it takes to rebalance your reproductive functions with the help of facial reflexology really depends upon how long held and deeply set your particular imbalance is. The same issue manifested in 100 people has causes which are entirely different from one case to the next. Some people may notice an improvement within a matter of days, whilst for others it may take weeks."

The healing isn’t limited to the reproductive system as other maps are available to us to help balance:

The digestive system

The circulatory system

The nervous system

The urinary system

Male reproductive system

Lymphatic system

Musculo-skeletal issues

I have maps and videos explaining how you can heal yourself. The power really is in your hands (and face).…so ask me at your next appointment or get in touch to book in.

George x

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