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Less travel means more quality time at home!

After 6 1/2 years traveling on the European and PGA tours I will be concentrating my efforts back at home, in all aspects of my life, family, myself and work! This also means more time spent back at Southcote Proactive Healthcare where I have been part of the team for over 15 years now!

I will still travel but reducing the time spent at tournaments.

Typically I would spend a whole week supporting golfers with their physical work for up to 20-23 weeks of the year. We would work on injury prevention, physical training and development, recovery and nutritional requirements, all with the goal of optimising their performance for that tournament.

One of the main aspects which has enabled me spend more time away from tournaments is creating an environment where the player can be more responsible for their own health, including an active warm up. This empowers the athlete both physically and mentally with a feeling that they are in control.

When we look at injury prevention for anyone; an active warm up is a key component.

There are a number of reported benefits of an active warm up for most sports, which is the reason you see it all the time in other sports like football, rugby, hockey etc - but up until recently, not often in golf?

Getting the body and the nervous system prepared for swinging a club is vital for many physical attributes, including strength, balance, mobility and stability to name a few. This will help prevent injuries and increase the longevity of playing the game.

Why not be ahead of the curve and include an active warm up to prepare your body for golf - or any other activity - and reduce the risk of injury.

Let me know if i can help!


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