Charlotte With



Founder & Clinic Manager

Charlotte graduated from the Anglo-European College of Chiropractic in 1990.  

After working as a clinician ((within a general family practice)) for 30 years, she decided in 2020 to leave the treatment side of things behind, allowing more time to develop platforms for healthcare providers with a focus on 'support to achieve'.

Charlotte’s particular interest lies in children and pregnant ladies, as she believes this is the point where good health needs to be established and where support is required. Her dream has always been to develop a collaboration of healthcare services under the same roof and to initially embrace the 0-6 month-old population - and their parents of course.

The group would give access to a health visitor, a paediatrician, a sleep consultant, a lactation specialist, a reflexologist, and a chiropractor.

Southcote would provide a safe environment for new parents to seek advice as well as meeting a group of new parents, all with a similar aim; to give their child the best start in life.

The recent pandemic got Charlotte sidetracked and she has been busy keeping Southcote and its community safe, while developing another platform Energise Fitness, which was launched online in February 2021.


Charlotte also manages the day to day activities at Southcote and is grateful for having a very qualified team under her wings, providing excellent care.