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Andriy Drypen

Andriy Drypen image.jpg

Audiology Consultant

Mondays 8am - 7pm

Every other Friday 2pm - 7pm

Andriy Drypen is an Audiology Consultant, and owner of All Ears! Independent Hearing Specialists.  He specialises in hearing and balance rehabilitation for children and adults throughout Kent and the South East.  Since establishing his practice Andriy established an expansive network of healthcare professionals, including ENT and Neurology Consultants, Physiotherapists, Nurses, and Counsellors, in order to provide the most comprehensive and holistic service.

At his practice, Andriy uses the latest sophisticated audiological equipment to assess the function of the hearing and balance system.  Andriy typically sees people with hearing loss, dizziness, vertigo and balance disturbances, all types of tinnitus, and a feeling of ear pressure/fullness/pain.


Andriy’s services include:

  • Comprehensive hearing assessments for children and adults

  • All types of the latest digital hearing aids (including rechargeable and Bluetooth compatible)

  • Comprehensive Tinnitus assessment and rehabilitation

  • Vestibular Function Tests for people with dizziness/vertigo and disturbances of balance

  • Custom hearing protection

  • Ear wax removal by microsuction for children and adults


Andriy is registered with all private medical insurance providers, and also welcomes self-funding patients.  It is not necessary to have a GP referral to access Andriy’s services.  

Please click on this link to access the All Ears website and to arrange an appointment today.

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