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Swimming Expertise

Swimming is a sport with unique demands.  We have developed a programme to closely match these.

Swimming is arguably one of the most difficult and at times frustrating sports. It recruits nearly every muscle in the body to move you through a difficult and resistant medium (water) all the while your body is laying horizontal. 


The swim ethics that "longer, harder sets will make you better/faster" is now somewhat outdated and we would like to help you maximise the outcome from training sessions by helping you work smarter with a body that is athletically able to take advantage.

What can I expect?

Initially, we assess you like any other dedicated athlete to comprehensively identify any current problems and/or weaknesses in the way your body works. More often than not the former explains the latter and the first objective is to correct such dysfunction.


Exercises will be used throughout to rehabilitate and eventually strengthen your body to ensure the most efficient movement and best performance. Apart from that, we use manipulative and soft tissue techniques to encourage normal body mechanics and nervous system function to help you make the best progress from your efforts.


Often, we communicate with the coach of your team to coordinate and optimise the best use of your time through injury recovery, return to swimming and a higher level of performance.

Practice Fees

First consultation

Follow-up treatments

Gym sessions




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