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I was ready for a change in February 2020, when I decided to reframe from Chiropractic after 30 years using the most amazing skillset I have ever been taught. I wanted to coach and share all my wisdom and life skills which my career and life in general so far had supplied me with and let other people gain from my experience.

Chiropractic to me is one way of reaching people and giving you permission to share your experience because that person is ready for something; the person coming to the clinic was usually in pain and wanted help, and I could help with that.

It also gave me the opportunity to listen to this person and gain more insight into their life and therefore be of further help in addressing other factors in their life which indirectly would have influenced their discomfort. I was present and ready to help.

We all know that health, happiness and wellbeing depends on a number of factors, but we are not always ready to open our eyes and have that conversation with ourselves…

Life is busy and we take on lots of responsibilities and there is never time. The overwhelm of a list of things that ‘need’ to happen before we can take time to make changes, is real in most peoples lives. What we have to do is make little changes and do everything step by step (that is how babies learn, and master their milestones). The ability to learn with good outcome diminishes as the brain is crowded by 'bad habits'. You have to trick your brain into allowing new habits (good ones) to form slowly but surely.

How you best approach this, depends on you.

My most successful take aways from clinic was:

Morning habits

  • Drink a cup of water first thing (hot or cold)

  • Move for 15 minutes (stretching, yoga, walking)

  • Eat breakfast must have protein in it.

Throughout the day habits

  • Eat lunch (must have protein in it)

  • Move for half an hour

  • 2 pints of water

End of day habits

  • Eat dinner (must have protein in it)

  • No screen for the last hour before bed, instead journal or read

  • Lights out by 11pm, allowing for a minimum of 8 hours sleep (earlier if up before 7am)

When you have instilled these habits, you can move on to the next phase of proactive changes.

"When the student is ready, the teacher appears."

- Lao Tzu We hear, we see, we feel, we know that this is the time to change something. Are we ready? Can we make that change? We are now January 2023 (3 years on) and I am ready to make that change. I have been exploring for 3 years, and when I read the above quote, I realised that I am already coaching and sharing. The question is now….are you ready? Can I help you?

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1 Comment

Ingrid Herholdt
Ingrid Herholdt
Jan 09, 2023

A wonderful starting point for 2023!

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