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Rachel Leeder: Osteopath

About me

Hello, I’m Rachel, an Osteopath at Southcote. I used to work here as a Sports Massage Therapist before I trained at the European School of Osteopathy in Maidstone. Living locally and being a mature student, I chose the ESO because of its location, which allowed me to maintain a level of balance whilst studying a very demanding course. We all need balance, it’s what our bodies are designed to do, but modern life can challenge this.

It so good to be back at Southcote, I love the environment, the passion, the expertise and the support. I’ve been asked what the differences are between Osteopathy and Chiropractic, and initially I struggled to answer this clearly. Whilst the founding philosophies were different, there are so many similarities between the two. We use similar (and a few not-so-similar) techniques, in how we assess and treat a patient and their presenting complaint.

My background

My background is in social work which I was lucky enough to do for about 20 years, I primarily worked with adults with mental health conditions, but also other types of vulnerable adults as well as children. I worked my way up the “ladder” but realised the further I went the less I saw of the clients, so moved back to face-to-face crisis social work which I loved. For me, working with my patients was about understanding the whole of them and their situation and how this affected their health/ mental health. This approach is called a Biopsychosocial approach, and it is something I taught as I trained student social workers. This approach is ingrained in me now.

How I found myself at Southcote

I was saddened when circumstances meant that I could not continue working in London, however a running injury meant I found a new passion by accident. I developed plantar fasciitis, and it was suggested I have sports massage. I came to Southcote as a patient and was amazed how different I felt after one treatment, and I was intrigued. Within a few weeks I was enrolled on a year-long course in Sports Massage, coming back to Southcote to work once I had finished. I then realised I wanted to know more about the body and its function so trained in Osteopathy.

What I offer

I really enjoy treating a variety of people and conditions, and I especially love treating babies! I use a variety of techniques including visceral (ideal for someone with menstrual pain or reflux for example), cranial, articulations, fascial release as well as joint manipulation (clicking).

I would love to help improve your health on all levels including physically, psychologically and emotionally and I offer 15 minute consultations to discuss what I offer and how that maybe helpful for you. These are free and with no obligation to book further appointments, please contact reception on 01622 661883.

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