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Hypnobirthing: Having an Empowering Birth

Hello! I’m Kiran - a Doula, Hypnobirthing Teacher and Baby Massage Teacher. A bit about me before I tell you more about my hypnobirthing and my classes at Southcote…

- I have a PhD in Social & Child Psychology and a career in Behavioural Science

- I have two small children who keep me very busy and very tired!

- I love dogs! (but sadly, no, we don’t have one!)

- I’m super passionate about women’s rights and empowerment…

In 2017 I gave birth to our first baby. From the moment I found out that I was pregnant, I fell in love with my incredible body and was constantly mind-blown and fascinated with the ability of our bodies to grow, birth, and nurture a baby! Naturally, I read up as much as I could about what was physically happening to mine and my baby’s body during pregnancy and what would happen during birth and after. From my research, I knew that birth was nothing to fear and actually started to look forward to it. However, I hadn’t realised just how deeply ingrained those birth horror stories and fears around childbirth can be, nor had I understood just how medicalised the birthing/maternity system had become and how difficult it would be to have my voice heard and advocate for myself. I thought I was well prepared for birth through all that reading I’d done, but actually I was underprepared by not working on those unconscious thoughts and feelings with a real hypnobirthing practitioner and my husband was massively underprepared as a birth partner too.

Fast forward to 2020 when I was pregnant with our 2nd baby and the unresolved trauma from the 1st birth reared its ugly head, resulting in severe anxiety. I knew what we needed to do and invested in a Hypnobirthing course, and it was truly life-changing. It was healing, supportive and empowering, and it turned out to be a really lovely thing to do as a couple! I can truly say that without Hypnobirthing, my 2nd birth would have ended up much the same way as my first - a very negative experience. However, this time around, I was calm and in control throughout the labour (even when there were twists and turns along the way), my husband knew how to be a supportive birth partner and keep me in my zone and feeling powerful (instead of standing on the side feeling helpless like the time before), together we knew how to navigate the NHS maternity system with confidence, and I felt like superwoman (I’m even glowing like one in my post-birth pics)! Plus it really helped with my anxiety and I still use the tools today to help with my mental health and stress levels.

I want every woman to feel like superwoman after their birth and I know that it’s possible. It’s not all about natural, pain-free, drug-free births at all. It’s about removing the fear, uncertainty, anxiety and lack of control from birth and instead feeling calm (no matter what happens), supported, informed and empowered. Every birth can be a positive birth.

My course will cover all you need from your antenatal education:

  • Birth physiology

  • Reasons for interventions such as induction and your options

  • How to stay comfortable during labour

  • Hypnobirthing techniques (it’s not just breathing!)

  • How and why to write a birth plan

  • The role of the birth partner (and how to be a good one)

  • 4th trimester prep

  • Plus, you’ll have my support right up until your birth and you’ll have met other parents-to-be who may just form part of your parenting tribe!

Read more about my Hypnobirthing course on my website here.

Bookings are now open for the following group courses at Southcote:

I also offer one-to-one sessions and bespoke courses tailored to your needs (e.g. caesarean births, refresher courses). If you’d like to find out more about hypnobirthing or my Doula service or baby massage classes, visit my website or get in touch via social media @kw.mother.nurture.

I really look forward to hearing from you!

Kiran x

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