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Spurred on by the Covid-19 Virus outbreak, we started video consultations.
This allowed us to provide a comparable service to our face-to-face consultations though the lockdown period - and we are still finding it a useful service beyond.

Online Consultations

If you have already booked and received a confirmation email

If you wish to book a new or follow-up online consultation

Consultations from the comfort of your own home

Technology is making all aspects of life more efficient. Healthcare is no different. 

Online consultations are for people who are unable to attend the clinic - or - for people for whom this is a more convenient way to consult with us.

During the appointment, you will speak to one of our practitioners via video link over the internet (don’t worry the set-up is very easy)

Research has shown that up to 80% of clinician visits can be provided online with comparable clinical outcomes.

The practitioner will take a detailed history of your symptoms and probably ask you to perform some simple self-testing.  

This will be to enable us to provide a likely diagnosis of your problem, educate you about it, and provide advice.

If appropriate, we will be able to prescribe and demonstrate tailored exercises to help resolve the issue.

The initial appointment will be followed up with an email listing the pertinent points and the recommendations made during the online consultation.  

You will be able to email the practitioner over the following days should you have any questions.

Follow-up online appointments (20 minutes) are usually recommended for a few days later, as your condition improves.  

This allows us to update the advice and exercises, so you continue to see progress.

This service is currently available with the following practitioners:

Sports Therapy

Counselling / Coaching

Nutritional Therapy


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What to Expect

Helping you get set up

All you need is a laptop or computer with a camera, and reliable internet connection…that’s all!

At the time of your appointment, you pressthe link in the email sent to you at the time you made the booking, and that takes you straight into the 'consulting space'.  If the practitioner is not already there to meet you, they will arrive shortly after.

Our software does not yet allow you to use a smartphone for the video link (instead of your laptop/computer), but we are of the impression this will happen soon.

Once your appointment is booked, your confirmation email will also confirm all the necessary steps to ensure a successful encounter.

History and diagnosis

The practitioner will take a detailed history of your current symptoms as well as any previous injuries or underlying health conditions.

The benefit of having a video link is that we will be able to show us exactly where the problem is, ask you to perform a few simple movements, and to ask how this may change your pain.  This will take the place of the usual examination but again, this has been proven to be comparable to a face-to-face version.

Based on this information we can form a working diagnosis.

Once they know what the problem is, we can give you advice, provide reassurance, and guide you on how long it is likely to take for you to feel better.

A tailored exercise programme

Your practitioner is likely to prescribe exercises designed to alleviate your symptoms and help fix the underlying problem.

Again, the benefit of video is that we can use specialist software to demonstrate the exercises on your screen or demonstrate the exercises ourselves. 

You will be emailed the exercise programme with the appropriate guidance on how to perform then and how often.  

We can also use an App that will work on your phone and run videos of the exercises you have been prescribed.

Sometimes the practitioner may recommend a follow-up appointment a few days later as your condition improves.  This allows them to update the advice and exercises so you continue to see progress.

If you have already booked and received a confirmation email

If you wish to book a new or follow-up online consultation