"You must learn to walk before you can run"
This idiom applies to most skill progressions but it is true on the most basic level in that the walking mechanics is essential for all other athletic pursuits.

Walking & Running

Globally relevant to all patients and all types of athletic activity.

This seminar is currently being re-developed to fit better in the series of seminars and to include the newest thoughts, evidence, and trends within this area.


This is a seminar for everyone who sees even the occasional runner in their clinic.


As biomechanical experts, we can and should play a role in assessing and advising runners of all standards.  All the same, a lot of clinicians feel uncertain of their role and may feel, that unless they are of a certain standard themselves, they don't have the knowledge to take on this role. 


With this seminar we will:

  • Give you the knowledge and tools to confidently assess runners and to advise them regarding injuries and rehabilitation.

  • Not change the way you practise currently - just add some very useful rationales and methods.

  • Make runners respect your advice more and understand when you say they shouldn't run.


This interactive day will have both formal learning, informal discussion, hands-on practical experience as well as an excellent lunch.


We foresee this seminar to be presented again in the autumn of 2019.

Southcote Proactive Healthcare,  3 Sittingbourne Road,  Maidstone,  Kent,  ME14 5ES        01622-661883