Thermography is used to show increased or decreased heat coming off specific areas of the body.
If an area is in any way abnormal there is often a particular heat-signature associated with it.


Thermography is a highly effective, non-invasive and safe procedure that uses infra-red cameras to create an image of the body based on the heat it emanates. This can show early indicators of a tumour or other abnormalities. 

Unlike other investigations, this image can show inflammation and can also visualise your pain.

Very much an early preventative measure, thermography is fast becoming more highly regarded and can be used to complement or pre-empt other diagnostic processes.

The procedure is totally painless and eliminates the need for needles, radiation or compression It is a powerful investigatory procedure for women (including throughout pregnancy), men and for children. 

Breast scanning, regions of interest (a place or places on your body that are causing you concern), half-body or full-body scanning.

Wendy who performs the scan is an experienced Registered Nurse. ​

Your scan is analysed by a team of medical doctors, who have been specially trained to interpret these types of digital images.
Your results are ready and sent to you via email within 72 hours.  You can then discuss your scan with the doctor for the appropriate next steps to take.


Thermography screening can be repeated as often as required with no risk and it is just like having your picture taken. 


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Wendy Calver, RN

Certified Clinical Thermographer

Body Scanning Ltd


Our Thermography Practitioner:


Practice fees

Breast Scan - £230 (includes a baseline and a follow-up scan within 4 months) 

Annual Breast Scan - £150

Breast recalls (3,4 or 6 mth) £100

Region of Interest - £200

Region of Interest with Breast Scan - £275

Half bodyscan men £275

Half body scan women £325 (includes breast scan baseline and follow up scan within 4 months)

Full body scan men £350

Full body scan women £395 (includes breast scan baseline and follow up scan within 4 months)