Although swimmers use the human body is different ways to most other athletes, they still rely on the same mechanism of power production.
This seminar gives you insights into the methods used in swim training to allow you to help these athletes better.


To excel in swimming requires skills and commitments quite unique to that sport.

Swimming is arguably one of the most difficult and at times frustrating sports.

It recruits nearly every muscle in the body to move you through a difficult and resistant medium (water) all the while your body is laying horizontal.


The ethics in swimming is still largely that "longer and harder sets will make you a better/faster swimmer".

This is now an outdated principle but there is resistance in the swimming community towards changing it to be in line with current trends of athletic development.


Swimmers - like all athletes - need to work smarter with a body that is able to take advantage.

The role of a musculo-skeletal expert in this process is only just being realised.


Similar to when working with any other dedicated athlete you need to be able to proficiently identify any current problems and/or weaknesses in the way their body works.  

The principle for this is similar to other sports but there are still some unique aspects that you will do well to understand.


Part of this seminar will be to introduce the Swimming Performance Institute's screens, which are specifically developed to identify shortfalls and problems specific to the swimming athlete. 


You will come away with clinical tools and as importantly a vocabulary to be able to communicate with the coach of your swimming athletes.

After this seminar, you will be able to confidently assess swimmers and relate to how much of their issues may be coaching, conditioning or indeed physical.


As a certified Swimming Performance Institute Practitioner, you will be able to empower the other people around the swimmer with knowledge and tools to ensure the best possible progress in your management.


The next swimming seminar is scheduled for:

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