The Mumma Wellbeing Project

January 4, 2018



The course is led by fellow Mummas Louise Cousin and Amy Root who have a background in psychotherapy, meaning that each activity is evidence-based and designed to positively enhance your emotional wellbeing. There is space for a maximum of 10 Mummas to keep the group small and solution-focused.


This course is four sessions over four consecutive Sundays starting in February 2018.


The cost of The Mumma Wellbeing Project is £80.


Each session will include:

Mumma Musings - a solution-focused discussion around the theme of the week

Mindful Mumma - a guided relaxation

Mumma Magic - teaching of a relaxation technique


You'll also receive exclusive 'Mumma Moment' relaxation downloads to enjoy at home.


To find out more about our vision and for further information about The Mumma Wellbeing Project, please visit our Facebook page

Louise and Amy are both qualified in Clinical Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy, trained to work in a solution-focused way.


Louise has a background in Law and Property having worked in the sector for approximately 10 years. She has always had a special interest in and has trained in several complementary therapies but after becoming a parent herself, she became disillusioned with her work/life balance and wanted to establish a more fulfilling and rewarding career.


As a qualified Primary School teacher and Special Educational Needs Coordinator (SENCO) Amy is experienced with working with mummies! After having her own children, Amy wanted to provide other mums with the emotional support that was lacking through her own experience.


Louise and Amy founded The Contented Mumma after their own experiences of parenting led them on a journey which was sometimes quite lonely. Following conversations with like-minded mums, it was clear that their backgrounds in complementary therapies could help others with the 'mum-guilt'.


There are many mums on social media and other platforms discussing maternal mental health openly. This has undoubtedly had a positive impact on enabling mothers to say how hard parenthood is but we feel that this shift, albeit beneficial, stops short of effecting real change. Louise and Amy strive to take this one step further and promote a better way of being for mums.


The Contended Mumma has three main goals:

  • To provide Mummas with a range of relaxation strategies to help them to deal with the varied challenges that parenting life brings

  • To give Mummas a forum to discuss relevant issues in a solution-focused, psychotherapeutic way 

  • To support Mummas to embrace their changing role whilst maintaining their identity

We have tailored The Mumma Wellbeing Project to meet the needs of a range of mothers, from those with babies and toddlers to mums of older children and teenagers. The challenges of parenthood aren’t exclusive to the early years! 

Each session over the four week project will include:

  • Mindful Mumma - a guided relaxation 

  • Mumma Magic - teaching of a relaxation technique

  • Mumma Musings - a solution-focused discussion around the theme of the week.

We also provide exclusive 'Mumma Moments' relaxation downloads to enjoy at home so that Mummas leave each session feeling empowered and equipped with their own wellbeing toolkit.


The weekly topics are:


'More than a Mumma'

Many Mummas have described the emotional rollercoaster of parenthood as robbing them of their identity. It's a difficult transition to make, especially when taking into account the possible changes to career, body and status to name but a few. This week we focus on identity and image. 


'Mumma Guilt'

It's often referred to as something we just have to put up with as part of the motherhood journey, but guilt can be an all-consuming emotion for some Mummas. Many Mummas say that the decisions such as how to feed their child, whether to return to work, keeping an active social life and so on make them feel guilty. This week we focus on the guilt that surrounds being a Mumma.


'Healthy Thoughts'

Many Mummas report that they put themselves down a lot more than they did prior to having their babies. These self-deprecating thoughts can be harmful and this week we focus on restoring that equilibrium and raising self-esteem and wellbeing. 



Mummas say that all of their relationships change once they've had a child, which can be a difficult transition. Friendships may be harder to maintain which can be socially isolating. Family roles shift within the home and extended family and this can be unsettling. This week we focus on relationship dynamics. 


Louise works as a hypnotherapist, psychotherapist, reflexologist and massage therapist at Balance Hypnotherapy in Maidstone.


Amy works as a hypnotherapist and psychotherapist at Nova Hypnotherapy in Maidstone.


Both Louise and Amy offer 1:1 sessions for Mummas as well as providing support through The Mumma Wellbeing Project.


If you would like further information or if you would like to book onto The Mumma Wellbeing project, please contact Amy or Louise or visit our Facebook page.


Amy: 07540 374373

Louise: 07702 434166



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