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Seminars, informal and clinically relevant teaching

I have moved all teaching activities to the new and better platform of "The Learning Collective".

However, as we are yet to complete the administrative functions for face-to-face teaching, I will, in the short term, use this landing page for that.

Upcoming Seminars

Extremity Seminars - Leonardo Hotel, Heathrow 

    Lower Extremity - 14-15th October 2023

     Upper Extremity - 28-29th October 2023

Assessing the possible contributions from the extremities in your typical day-to-day patients will invariably add useful nuances to your diagnostic and management ability.

The topics covered in these seminars have proven worth in managing both chronic and acute presentations of all patient populations, from the elite athletes to the weekend warriors to the worried shift worker.

Diagnose and manage with confidence through knowledge very rarely taught in this format.

Click the button below to be taken to an appropriate PayPal link.   (They may take a little while to load)

As PayPal doesn't do this well, we will send you a separate receipt and confirmation of attendance.

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 Lower Extremity Seminar

£350  - ‘early bird fee’ of £300

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Upper Extremity Seminar

£350  - ‘early bird fee’ of £300

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Both Seminars

£670  - ‘early bird fee’ of £580

Early Bird fees apply before 4th October 2023

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