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Rob Goldup 

Sports Therapist & Personal Trainer

I have worked at Southcote for the past 15 years and now also work at Prime Health in Weybridge, Surrey seeing a variety of clients wanting to improve their movement progressing to overall improvements in their health. 


I like to create a road map for my clients to follow, one that demonstrates the different phases of physical progression and development.   The road map is based on the individuals wants and needs and may include different inputs from a number of professionals.  


I take the role of driving this process and help my clients progress.  


I use a combination of soft tissue therapy (ART) and physical training during a typical session to develop the physical performance of my clients.


I use a number of different professionals to help me provide an integrated health service for my clients, including chiropractic care, nutritional therapy, physiotherapy, functional medicine. 


I like to focus on movement concepts progressing through to strength and conditioning 


I use a number of assessment techniques to evaluate my clients movement capabilities and variability


I work with professional golfers and this means I travel with them on both the US and European PGA golf tours for roughly 10 weeks of the year.