State of the art purpose-built training centre
with a relaxed atmosphere

Rehabilitation & 1-2-1 Exercise

One-to-one training returns from September 2020

Tone up, get fit, feel better

Our purpose-built exercise and rehabilitation centre offers a relaxed and welcoming atmosphere to anyone wanting to improve their levels of health and fitness.

Whether you’re looking to take up a class, or you’d like advice on any level of training to improve your fitness, our team of highly qualified professionals is here to help and include:

  • Personal Trainers

  • Pre- & Post-natal Specialist

  • Holistic Lifestyle Coaches

  • Golf Conditioning Specialist

  • Team of varied class instructors

Exercise Progression:

Remedial Exercises have the purpose of addressing and supporting specific aspects of your injury and condition.

They are specific to the diagnosis of your condition and will typically be prescribed as part of the treatment phases of your recovery and will usually need to be done ‘little and often’ and therefore are well-suited as home exercises.

Once you progress a little further, the focus will be to bring you back to the abilities and fitness you had before the injury.  This is where Rehabilitative Exercises come in.

These are not as specific to what happened to you but will play a huge role in preventing it from happening again.  

The original diagnosis is less and less relevant and the principle is broader, namely that:  The better your body moves and the stronger it is, the better it is at controlling you and make you less likely to sprain or strain any part of you and less likely to stumble or tumble when you go about your daily chores.

Rehabilitative exercises can be supervised by your practitioner but will often with benefit bridge your care into a setting better suited for this i.e. a gym space and with personal trainers with expertise in this area.

Often, seeing that a return to normal activities was possible and with the memory of the restriction the setback caused, rehabilitation inspires people to progress further with Training to improve their physical condition even more.

We have trainers who specialise in age groups, life stages, and specific sports to suit your particular needs in this area.

The gym may still be a suitable setting for this stage of your training, but often, taking you for a run, walk, or watching you in action otherwise will give us the insight to individualise the training and other advice to help you excel in your chosen life and/or pastime.

Finally, we are also able to help high-level athletes in their Athletic Development, as some of us have experience in working as performance directors in the highest echelons of various sports.


Our team of Exercise Specialists in the centre will assist you through the stages of care, helping you to make a full recovery and return to healthy everyday living.

Studio Classes

The centre boasts one of the best studio class environments in Kent and we offer an extensive class timetable, which you can download above.

The added benefits of social interaction and shared commitment make the exercise class a great way to maintain your commitment to staying active.


For more information about the individual class teachers and their offerings, go to this page:  Exercise Classes

One-to-One Trainers:

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Rehabilitation Practitioners:

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