Pip Lawrence

Personal Trainer (Day1Wellness)

For a subject that is talked about so frequently it’s upsetting how little is truly understood about optimal health and how to achieve it.

I trained to be a personal trainer aged 18 because I wanted to help people, since then I’ve been mildly obsessed with understanding why many successful people fail to replicate their success when it comes to their own health. My quest to discover this answer has seen me working in gyms, running bootcamps and

I’ve even travelled to over 30 different countries experiencing numerous cultures and cuisines along the way.

But it was really in 2013 when I worked alongside some of the industries leading psychologists, physical activity specialists and dieticians on a pioneering childhood obesity initiative that my thinking was really transformed. It highlighted to me why so many diets and plans were failing and helped to inspire, what is now the DayOne Wellness method that’s focused on not just getting results but making those results sustainable!

Pip specialises in delivering our In-Corporate Health programmes as well as regularly speaking at conferences and events on the importance of prioritising individual health to achieve greater personal, professional and financial success.


“Optimal health isn’t just living in the absence of disease, it’s a complete state of mental, physical and emotional well-being that’s responsible for enhancing every area of your life”

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