Patricia Ruzbarska



Clinical Nutritionist

Patricia runs online consultations on Mondays.

My interest in helping people started when I was 15 years old training as a nursing assistant.


I now have clinical experience in treating patients with varied conditions, from acute conditions in A&E and intensive care, through to ordinary wards, and outpatient clinical settings helping people with lifelong conditions. 

My own gut problems, fatigue, and concentration problems led me to study Nutrition and I have personal experience with managing such problems through different ways of eating and equally important, through changing my lifestyle. 

While working as a member of the nursing team at Maidstone outpatient unit, I completed a 3-year study at CNM London. This had taught me to look at the conditions of the human body from a completely different perspective.


Starting with Biomedicine, we went through the whole human body from the cellular level, progressing to study different conditions and nutritional approaches in a combination of academic studies and practical application of the learning in the student clinic. 

My main interest remains gut health and gut microbiome.

Nutrition is such a big subject which is keeping me busy all the time, as there is so much to learn and to put together.