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Patricia Ruzbarska



Clinical Nutritionist

Patricia runs online consultations on Mondays. Book by contacting her via email.

My interest in helping people started when I was 15 years old training as a nursing assistant.


I now have clinical experience in treating patients with varied conditions, from acute conditions in A&E and intensive care, through to ordinary wards, and outpatient clinical settings helping people with lifelong conditions. 

My own gut problems, fatigue, and concentration problems led me to study Nutrition and I have personal experience with managing such problems through different ways of eating and equally important, through changing my lifestyle. 

While working as a member of the nursing team at Maidstone outpatient unit, I completed a 3-year study at CNM London. This had taught me to look at the conditions of the human body from a completely different perspective.


Starting with Biomedicine, we went through the whole human body from the cellular level, progressing to study different conditions and nutritional approaches in a combination of academic studies and practical application of the learning in the student clinic. 

My main interest remains gut health and gut microbiome.

Nutrition is such a big subject which is keeping me busy all the time, as there is so much to learn and to put together.


Clinical Nutrition Package:


My package includes 1 initial appointment and two follow-ups.


The initial appointment takes around one hour, the first 30-40 mins is the case history where you give me as much information as possible, the remaining time we spend talking about possible triggers as well as creating a plan to include possible tests only if this is seen neccessary.


2nd appointment, follow-up, takes also around an hour, after 4-5 weeks, depending on the client. 

We reflect on the past month, ups and downs, pros and cons, test results if needed to discuss the results will be adjusting the plan.


3rd appointment is also around an hour, talking about progress, about reflection, and comparing where you are now and where you were at the beginning, what to do to keep up with the good work, and how to stay focused. 


Appointments are around 4-5 weeks apart, weekly offering of a 10-15 mins catch up/support.

Price: £250

(Patricia's appointments are usually priced at £150 for the first and £100 thereafter. Meaning you get three appointments for the price of two.)

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