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Pam Grey




Pam currently runs online consultations only. Contact either reception or Pam to arrange an appointment:  email  - or -   07921 673925‬.

I am a fully qualified registered homeopath, currently running clinics in Rochester and at Southcote Maidstone. I studied Homeopathy at the Southern College of Homeopathy, which is based in Tunbridge Wells Kent.

After qualifying, I became a student mentor for the Southern College of Homoeopathy and thoroughly enjoy my role there. I continually attend lectures keeping me in touch with new remedies and methods. I have a general Homeopathic practice, so I find myself treating people of all ages with a wide variety of conditions, such as asthma, eczema, hay fever, diabetes, digestive disorders, thyroid problems, anxiety, depression, insomnia, childhood behavioural problems to mention a few. I also have an advanced diploma in nutrition and a level 2 Quest 4 training certificate.


I am married, a mother of 2 and grandmother of 3 gorgeous grandchildren.

My journey into homeopathy all started 30 years ago when suffering from severe PMT and recurring cystitis, I was constantly prescribed antibiotics which I found became less effective with repeated use. I decided to contact a local homeopath hoping for some relief from both the emotional and physical symptoms I was suffering. It was the best thing I ever did.

It wasn’t an instant cure as most human beings are complex individuals, but after a short space of time my life changed, no PMT or cystitis and I had a new found interest in homeopathy.


It was when my daughter was diagnosed with coeliac disease that I realised I needed to know more about the disease and its effects. I quickly realised how important gut health was, so I studied nutrition gaining an advanced diploma and a greater understanding of how amazing the human body really is. Learning about nutrition gave me a desire to learn more about natural ways of well-being. 


With my continued learning and interest in natural health and well- being, I decided to train as a bio-resonance practitioner using a Quest 4 screening device. Quest 4 scanning will produce an overall picture of health, a comprehensive report of food and non- food items that you may be sensitive or allergic to and any nutritional requirements, this allows the body to come back to balance and health. 


Nothing gives me more pleasure than seeing people return to health and happiness, sometimes following a long period of suffering in their lives the natural way, without side effects.

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