Nutritional Therapy is the use of dietary adaptations and supplementation to manage and support recovery from chronic conditions


We can recommend supplements which will benefit healing and wellbeing in general - but also have the in-house expertise to cater to more specific needs.

Nutritional therapy appointments can be made either through a referral from another healthcare provider in the clinic or through reception directly with a therapist. This includes patients who are not already attending Southcote.

We aim to help with a range of conditions from medical conditions already diagnosed or with recurring health concerns, which are persistent and aggravating your everyday life.


The nutritional therapy practitioners at Southcote work closely with the other practitioners to identify and advise on any obvious dietary interventions that may help speed the patient's return to health.


Where further intervention is likely to be beneficial, such as supplementation with natural vitamins, minerals, amino acids, fatty acids and some herbal remedies, our nutritional therapy practitioners are qualified to assess the individual's overall health, medical history and conduct biochemical tests to prescribe personalised supplementation programmes.

Our Nutritional Therapists:

Tara's Practice fees

    Initial Consultation                £125

    Follow-up Visits                       £95

Patricia's Practice fees

    Initial consultation                   £85

    Follow Up 1 hour                     £50

    Follow Up 1/2 hour                  £30

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