Laura Szorady Dip Couns, MBACP, BSc Psych

Integrative therapeutic counsellor with a Psychology background

Laura is a qualified therapeutic counsellor with a Psychology degree.

As an Integrative therapist, she can work with you to produce a unique approach adapted to suit your particular needs.

Laura has experience working with both adults and children, with a wide range of issues including anxiety, depression, panic attacks, anger, loss, family and relationship issues, stress-related issues, low self-esteem and confidence, personal development, trauma and abuse.


Laura works in a friendly and compassionate way, which helps to build a trusting relationship and provides a warm, safe, respectful and non-judgmental environment for you to explore and express your feelings and emotions. 


Laura has an interest in understanding the body-mind connection and has therefore integrated psychoeducation into her practice to help her clients to understand what is happening in their bodies, which can be quite empowering. 

She offers play-therapy techniques when working with children.  These sessions are predominantly child-led and a selection of creative materials, e.g. toys, crayons and sand are used enabling the child to learn how to express and deal with challenging feelings and make sense of difficulties. 


Laura offers both face-to-face and online therapy sessions. 


Please feel free to get in touch and Laura will be happy to answer any questions you might have:

07545 996326 - or - email


Laura works at Southcote

Tuesday           8am - 7pm

Wednesday     2pm - 7pm   


        - and provides online sessions

Wednesday     8am - 12pm 

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