Josie Cuming BSc MAR


I took up Reflexology in 2011 following a period of ill health during which I experienced the restorative benefit that reflexology can bring.  I love being involved with this ‘hands-on’ therapy and knowing that my clients feel good at the end of a treatment. 


I am particularly interested in the effects of stress upon the body and how Reflexology can help ease its impact thereby improving both our physical and mental health.  This interest includes the role of stress in fertility issues. 


Since completing my Diploma I have continued with post-graduate training which includes Preconception, Pregnancy & Post Natal Care, Hot Stone Reflexology & Chinese Foot Massage. 


I also work from my treatment room at home in Gillingham. Further details can be found at 


Southcote Proactive Healthcare,  3 Sittingbourne Road,  Maidstone,  Kent,  ME14 5ES        01622-661883