Joe Schiltges 

Personal Mobility Trainer

Enthusiastically pursuing to help people move and interact better in everyday life, I completed studies like sports science, educational science and educational improvisation theatre among others. 

As a co-founder of BASEFIVE, a functional training concept in Innsbruck, Austria, I trained people of every age in small groups to optimize individual outcome and performance. We trained athletes to compete in international championships and worked with people who wanted to optimize individual goals in their life. 

From a multidisciplinary background in sports, music and theatre, I am currently an enthusiastic student in Osteopathy to improve my medical knowledge. 


Move to improve your everyday life and relearn to move efficiently.

Mobility training can alleviate everyday aches and pains as well as improve your body awareness. 

By working on your dysfunctional movement patterns, Joe will help you to move safely and effectively, resolve restrictions and reclaim your mobility; a path out of your discomfort. 


By increasing your body awareness through specific individualized proprioceptive exercises, we can work together on your pain relief. Improve your stiffness and achy joints, prevent and rehabilitate injuries. The focus is set on the range of motion of your joints to guarantee quality. 


Movement is vital to maintain health in every tissue in your body. You will relearn how to move the different parts of your body efficiently. To get mobility in one part of your body, it could be necessary to increase stability somewhere else in the body. The optimal amount of stability and mobility should be balanced so that you can perform your daily activities. 


On top of that, you will get individualized exercises and information adjusted to your lifestyle which you can incorporate into your week. This will help you to get faster results. Come with a specific goal! 


Joe’s goal is it to improve your own movements, allowing you to live a healthier, more fulfilling life.

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