Jesper Dahl DC CCSP CCEP FRCC (sport & exercise)

Founder & Clinical Director

Sports Chiropractor & Rehabilitator

Jesper has a keen interest in the diagnosis and management of all musculoskeletal injuries, and how this management is optimised towards full rehabilitation.


His qualifications in the management of sports injuries have given him many opportunities to work with athletes and at international sports events in various and varied sports, but also greatly helped in the management of non-sports people.  


He has worked, and continues to work, with athletes in sports as varied as swimming, tennis, athletics, martial arts and golf, and of standards from weekend warriors to world champions and Major winners.  The common characteristic between them all is simply...the desire to get better.


In 2009 Jesper was invited to work with ProGolf Health Inc. - a specialist sports medicine company working with top professional golf players. This meant travelling extensively to events on the European and US PGA Tours.

After doing this for 7 years, Jesper now travels less again but still works as part of the performance team for top-level professional golfers, contributing to their therapy and conditioning.


He has now returned to working at Southcote, and runs a clinic primarily for athletes of all standards, as well as providing second-opinion consultations for other practitioners. 


Jesper teaches on various aspects of patient management, both nationally and internationally, and enjoys the challenge of making difficult material easy to understand both in a teaching situation but also on a daily basis with his patients.

He has been a member of the Royal Collge of Chiropractors since its inception and is a Fellow of the college's Faculty of Sports & Exercise.


He is also the clinical director of the Swimming Performance Institute, an organisation dedicated to reducing the high incidence of injuries in competitive swimming.

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Jesper works at Southcote 

                  Tuesdays    9am - 5pm

                  Thursdays  9am - 5pm