Jennie Cox (Jen C) DC M Chiro


Jennie has been working at Southcote since January 2018, alongside working in clinics in Rochester and Blackfen since 2014.  She enjoys a varied clinic and has therefore taken extra courses in dry needling, Sacro-Occipital Technique (SOT) and muscle testing to widen her skill set to suit each patient.


Jennie plays netball in a local league, as well as going to the gym and dabbling in rock climbing to stay fit and healthy

Jennie is available on the following days:

               Tuesday          8am - 7pm

               Friday             8am - 7pm

Jennie also works in clinics in Rochester and Blackfen

    Rochester Chiropractic Centre         Blackfen Chiropractic Clinic


Southcote Proactive Healthcare,  3 Sittingbourne Road,  Maidstone,  Kent,  ME14 5ES        01622-661883