One of the main reasons people come to us is to try to get rid of pain.
This could be because of an acute injury or from something that didn’t have an obvious cause but now has become persistent.

Injuries and Conditions

Sprain or Strains - Gardening or On the Pitch.  We have expertise and experience to deal with every type of injury.

Chiropractic deals with normalising the way the joints - in the whole body - move and work.


Arthritis has long been considered a condition, which simply takes over and anybody affected by this should concentrate on strategies to be comfortable in spite of having such a condition. This is true of some types of arthritis, however, the degenerative kind, in particular, can benefit greatly if the movement of the joints affected is sought to be optimised and maybe even gradually normalised over an extended period. Especially in isolated joints, the benefit from this can be remarkable.

Chiropractic also concerns itself with how joints not working perfectly may influence the tissues and structures around them. The structures that may be influenced are mainly the muscles and the nerves. This is where conditions causing nerve symptoms such as pins & needles or indeed sharp pain such as sciatica can often be helped through manipulation of the joints causing the irritation.


If the muscles are affected in an injury, then massage or other soft tissue therapies will often be included to deal with that aspect of the condition.


Muscles work not in isolation but in supportive relationships allowing the body to work in patterns that in turn will create movements such as good posture and walking and running. Being aware of such relationships will make it easier to treat the persistently tight or maybe even injured muscles.

If a joint system has been working erroneously for a long time, the surrounding muscles will also be affected and may in effect gradually become part of the problem.

Therefore, in order to settle the problem, the muscles could be addressed to speed up and assure as complete a recovery as possible.

When treating any injury or condition we will almost invariably try to work out how it happened in the first place.

In the case of the gradually occurring condition, it is particularly important to look at what you do all the time: How is your bed? How do you sit or lift at work?  How do you walk?   What is your diet like?

- and so on ....


To further help recovery, exercises are almost always prescribed. As the condition improves, the focus on exercise should gradually increase to ensure the best recovery.  

With our in-house exercise facilities this task can easily be taken care of in a one-to-one or small group sessions.  

Our trainers have extensive knowledge of how the body can be challenged to stimulate exactly the movement or weakness that is the focus of your treatment at the time and once you are well on your way to recovery the focus can shift towards encouraged you to a more active lifestyle.  

This is what our Energise Fitness programme is all about.

See the separate website here.

Attending an exercise class is one of the best ways to stay active. The feeling of camaraderie in a class situation helps to get you out of the door on those wet and windy evenings.

Sometimes it is an unavoidable fact that your condition will not improve long-term and the role of any treatment may become supportive rather than curative.

It is such cases of chronic conditions that the right mix of treatment, optimisation of all other aspects of your body and the occasional pampering can make a huge difference to the quality of your life.  Please read on to discover ways we may be able to contribute - but do also feel free to ring to discuss all the options available with us.