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Golf Expertise

Apart from being players ourselves, we have extensive experience of looking after the needs of players of all standards.

Could your swing technique be better - or could your body be holding it back? 

Golfers have always been part of our clientele, but as our specific expertise of this sport has grown over the past few years, we have extensively expanded the services we can provide for this generally healthy population.

We are in a unique situation of having two people in our practice, who have worked and travelled with professional golfers on both the European and the US PGA tours for several years. We therefore have experience with all aspects of the game and use this in the way we work with local players regardless of their standard and goals for their game.

What is involved?

If you come to see us primarily to improve your ability to play this great game, we will initially look to assess your body to identify areas and/or injuries which may hold you back.  The first priority has to give your body the ability to move as best it can, then develop more general athletic strategies and with that golf-specific assessments and exercise progressions.

Your programme will be fully individualised depending on your body's abilities and your goals for your game.

Who do I see?

This will to a certain extent be dependent on what you want to achieve. If you have a recurring injury that is holding you back from playing as often or as well as you would, then you are likely to be seeing one of our chiropractors initially and until this injury has been diagnosed and managed well.

As and when injuries are no longer an issue, we can look to assess your body's ability to play the game well through assessments developed for this purpose and to progress you from rehabilitative exercises to more sports specific ones.

This part is usually overseen and progressed by an exercise specialist.

Chiropractic Fees

First consultation

Follow-up treatments



One-to-One training

Each session is tailored to your needs and will aim to give you the understanding and confidence to carry out your training unsupervised until your next session. 

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