Yoga originated in ancient India and addresses the physical, mental, and spiritual aspects of health.

Gentle Hatha & Back Care Basics

In this class, we will safely stretch and strengthen the necessary muscle groups and address imbalances and misalignment.

You will learn how to work with the breath, which has a calming effect and the amazing power to release physical and emotional tensions. Including the breath also makes the movements rewarding and satisfying and the attention to body and breath allows the mind to focus and relax.

This class is run by Flurina Thali - but please contact Alison on 07545187885.


This class might be of interest to you if you would like to … 

  • get rid of your back pain or manage and reduce it.

  • do gentle yoga exercises, relaxation and breathing techniques to release muscle tightness and stress.

  • strengthen weaker muscles.

  • feel more relaxed.

  • feel greater ease in your body.

  • improve your posture.

  • Get instructed with exercises to do at home. Your yoga home practice will be time and space for yourself, to restore and relax.


You are invited to dive into dynamic and yet gentle movements, which will increase your flexibility and strength while getting to know the rhythm of your breath and pace of your own body.


This class is suitable for all ages and levels of experience – with or without back issues!

All you have to bring is joy to move and curiosity.

Class Instructor
Flurina Thali

Yoga Teacher

Click Flurina's picture for more information, including the classes she teaches at Southcote

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