Emma Goodman

Personal Trainer & Lifestyle Coach

I have been at Southcote since April 2007 and love working with clients who are new to or intimidated by exercise. 

I specialise in women's health including pregnancy, post-natal, menopause, pelvic floor but regularly help people who want to strengthen their core to improve posture and back strength.


This is my Manifesto for what I do and how I do it:

  • I understand your time is limited and therefore plan exercise to fit in with busy schedules

  • You will become stronger – both mentally and physically

  • If I don’t know the answer, I know someone who does

  • It’s a lifestyle choice – not just exercise.  There are many pieces to the jigsaw of health

  • I’m not interested in perfection, just progress

  • Just get out there and MOVE!  Daily!

  • Community, network and support are at the heart of what I am about

  • Eat without guilt; but eat foods that will nourish


  • Success is defined by you and not by comparison to anyone else


Southcote Proactive Healthcare,  3 Sittingbourne Road,  Maidstone,  Kent,  ME14 5ES        01622-661883