This seminar will give you a clear understanding of the continued relevance of this area and how it influences your progress in almost all your patients..

The Core - so much more than Stability 

Gone are the days where 'engaging' and sucking in your tummy would ensure you worked your torso correctly.

All physical therapy deals with normalising the way the joints - in the whole body - move and work.  

However, what are your rationales for when to progress to include structures above, below and beyond the central skeleton?


An apple a day has always kept the doctor away - but what happened to the core...?


This 1-day seminar explores how the understanding of this concept has changed from when successful 'engagement' of these muscles were thought of as the 'holy grail' of rehabilitation    - and indeed prevention - of low back pain to how the beauty of this still relevant principle now lies in the detail.


Assessing the patient's ability to use these muscles in integrated patterns is an equally useful tool for diagnosis as well as monitoring progress of rehabilitation.  


  • No longer the TA and/or Multifidus...

  • Don't suck in your tummy or hold your breath!

  • What does 'Engagement' even mean?

  • Easy tools for assessment 

  • and techniques for treatment.

Guaranteed to fit straight into your existing rationales and routines.

The content of this seminar will be equally relevant to the management of all your patients, whether they are in pain and unfit - or - partaking in sporting activities at the highest level.



This seminar has run for a couple of years now and I believe it forms the basis for a large part of the rationale for the other seminars too:


If the 'stability' or more aptly the control of the torso is compromised - for whatever reason that may be, it is premature to consider the state of the extremities and how these may optimise the patient's performance.


The management progression of patient care that all of our seminars build on is as follows:

First, establish structural integrity - then, look to establish functional stability (and this is where this seminar will bring a lot of rationale and clinical tools for both assessment and management) - then, look to optimise movement patterns which build further on confidence in a variety of movements and indeed sport pursuits.


The next 'Core' seminar:

Newcastle 16th April 2019

This seminar is run under the auspices of the Royal College of Chiropractors (Northern Faculty)

It is to be held at the Copthorne Hotel in the centre of the city.

Click here for details on how to register

Maidstone (Southcote)  15th June 2019

Southcote Proactive Healthcare,  3 Sittingbourne Road,  Maidstone,  Kent,  ME14 5ES        01622-661883