Lack of sleep is a very debilitating aspect of having a baby - and often also a toddler.
We have an expert who will help you regain the chance to give your very best during the daylight hours.

Child Sleep Consultancy

What does gentle sleep training involve?

The first step is to book a free call where we’ll chat about your situation and how it’s affecting your family life.


I try to help parents consider what may happen if they do nothing about their situation and how, ideally, they’d like things to look.


If you decide to go ahead, there follows a comprehensive assessment, a face-to-face consultation (all done online so it doesn’t matter where you live!) and typically between 2-4 weeks of support to help you through the plan.


It’s best to implement the plan at a time with no other major disruptions in your normal day-to-day life e.g a holiday or moving house.

The plan is 100% tailored to your specific family dynamics, so there’s no need to worry if there are uncontrollable factors e.g both parents working and the child having alternative childcare arrangements or siblings sharing a room.

Fear not, I’ll be able to advise you on how best to work around your personal family arrangements.


I don't use any sort of intense 'cry it out' methods and I fundamentally believe that babies can't 'manipulate' their parents by crying - it's just a form of communication and often is just a frustration that they're tired and need help getting to sleep.


I like to try to remove the guilt away from parenting and sleep training and do my best to celebrate every small win that my clients have so they maintain motivation towards helping their child learn the life-long skill of sleep.

Sleep training your child might be tough.

It is hard to remain completely consistent, to be more resilient than your child and to not give in when the going gets tough. But it’s also tough on your whole family for things to remain as they are. And with sleep training, there’s a light at the end of the tunnel!




Our Child Sleep Consultant:

Practice fees

The initial consultation - which would typically take place over the phone is FREE of charge.

Look at Jackie's website for the price of her different packages.

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Sleep Seminars

Jackie runs online seminars typically related to the age of your child.


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