Chester Clough DC MSc


Chester finds chiropractic an excellent profession to be a part of, he understands and believes that the smallest changes to the musculoskeletal system can make such a huge difference to people’s quality of life.


He qualified from the Anglo-European College of Chiropractic, where he has built an excellent knowledge base and fine-tuned his treatment skills for people of all ages.  

He believes that wellbeing is made up of mechanical, systematic and emotional health and that they are all intertwined.


He thinks promoting and bettering mechanical health will lead to a happier life and a route for the body to perform and function at its optimum.

His passion and goal are to talk to you and to work with you to resolve your musculoskeletal/spinal issues and to keep you on the path to health excellence.

Chester works at Southcote:

Monday      2pm - 7pm

Tuesday      8am - 7pm

Thursday    8am - 7pm

Friday         8am - 1pm