We cater for all the changes and challenges that future parents might experience as they go through pregnancy and into parenthood.

Baby, Bump & Beyond

We have established an enviable team of professionals who specialise in mums-to-be and new families

  • We can advise on the best nutrition both for conception and 'baby-building'.


  • We have an exercise specialist, who likes nothing better than talking about the pelvic floor and helping you maintain yours - both during and after the pregnancy. She will also help you to return to a shape similar to or better than the one you had before.

  • We have a chiropractor, a reflexologist, a massage specialist, and we have access to a large network specialists and providers to both expecting and new parents.

      This all means we are able to:

  • Treat and/or advise on any problems you may have when your body has to cope with being heavier as well as lifting a baby as it gets heavier.

  • Help with stress-related symptoms.

  • Educate on coping strategies.

  • Teach antenatal classes of a very high standard

  • Provide check-ups after the birth - important also for babies/toddlers ...


  • We are part of a professional network with midwives, breastfeeding specialists, maternity/nursing bra fitting and many more whom we can call upon to give more specific advice in certain areas.

The teamwork closely together referring and conferring between each other to ensure you can have the best possible experience through your pregnancy and as a confident mother. 


Walk-in baby clinic at Southcote

The clinic will embrace the 0-6 month-old population - and their parents of course.  We intend to offer a variety of services including a health visitor, a paediatrician, a sleep consultant, a lactation specialist, and a chiropractor.

This clinic will provide a safe environment for new parents to seek advice as well as meeting a group of new parents, all with a similar aim; to give their child the best start in life.


Our Baby, Bump & Beyond Team:

Practice fees

The charge will vary depending on who you see in this service.  

The practitioners will charge their normal fees for their consultations.

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