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Alison Newsome

BSc (Hons) NLSSM (Dip)

Headshot - Alison Newsome-2.png

Massage Therapist


I started off as a dancer, studying at Middlesex University for a degree in Dance Science. The course included structural fitness with knowledge and practice of Pilates and yoga among other focuses. We did this to understand how the body moved in dance, and how vital good posture and technique was for performance and injury prevention.

My interest in sports massage developed, as I wanted to help my colleagues with their injuries and I later enrolled at the North London School of Sports Massage where I received my professional diploma. Since then I have completed several other Continuing Professional Development courses.

I’ve been part of teams offering post-event massage at the London Marathon, Tunbridge Wells Half Marathon and at the Mandy Ellen School of Dance.

After practising massage for a few years I saw a lot of injuries caused by poor flexibility, muscular weakness and bad posture. I wanted to provide my clients with a form of exercise that would help correct this keeping them flexible, improving their posture and building their core strength to prevent and help their injuries even further.


I now teach both one-to-one and group Pilates and Ashtanga Yoga at Energise Fitness from beginner to advanced levels.

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